Menopause Management

Your Body's Hormones

Hormones are substances that control when and how certain organs work. They are made by glands in the body, but also can be made in a lab.  Androgens, so-called male hormones, are made by the ovaries (two glands on either side of the uterus) in women and by the testes in men. In women, androgens are used by the ovaries to make estrogen, the so-called female hormone. The ovaries make estrogen from puberty until menopause.

In women, the hormone estrogen plays a key role in the reproductive system. Estrogen also affects a woman's bones and the health of her heart and blood vessels.

Women can take hormones to relieve symptoms of menopause. When a woman chooses to take hormone therapy, her options depend on whether she has had her uterus removed. A woman who has had her uterus removed can take just estrogen. This is because using estrogen alone causes the lining of the uterus to grow and increases the risk of endometrial cancer. To reduce this risk it is recommend that you use a combination of estrogen and another hormone called progestin if you have a uterus. The progestin keeps the lining of the uterus from growing too much.

Hormone therapy: Is it safe?

We have found that Hormone Replacement Therapy works beautifully for some women, and the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy may outweigh its risks for women with severe symptoms, premature ovarian failure, or those with early menopause as a result of total hysterectomy or other causes. There clearly are women who want Hormone Replacement Therapy. Whether for personal quality of life issues or out of therapeutic necessity, we believe women are entitled to make that choice for themselves.

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