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Heart Failure Treatment at The Jackson Clinic


Heart Failure occurs when the heart muscle is weakened. The heart no longer pumps with enough force to send blood to all parts of the body. As this happens, fluid can build up in the lungs and other parts of the body. Either of these causes symptoms. “Failure” does not mean the heart has stopped working; it just is not working well. This problem is sometimes called congestive heart failure.

Location and Hours:

Physicians Tower Location
Monday - Friday 8 – 5 pm
700 West Forest Ave.
Jackson, TN 38301
3rd Floor

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What Does The Jackson Clinic Heart Failure Clinic Do?

Jackson Clinic providers refer qualified patients to the Heart Failure Clinic for advanced therapy. During the initial visit a we will create a disease management plan tailored to your individual needs. Our team of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Pharmacists will work to develop treatment goals, review medications, and provide education of heart failure, dietary, lifestyle changes, and medication. Patients and care givers will be introduced to self-care interventions allowing for increased home management of heart failure. The Heart Failure Clinic will work with your Cardiologist for ongoing management and follow-up. We will tailor follow-up appointments to your needs in order to achieve stabilization of heart failure symptoms. If problems arise we are available to assist with your needs offering services such as direct access by phone, laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, medication therapy, IV infusion services, Convenient Care services, and expedited hospital admissions.

Heart failure is a chronic condition and will never be completely healed. Managing heart failure will help control symptoms and hopefully slow progression of the disease over time.

Increasing access is a key to success. Patients will be able to call directly into the clinic and have access to same day appointments if needed.