Pediatric Constipation

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If your child has been showing signs of constipation, he or she may qualify for our clinical research study.

Is your child eligible to participate?

If your child meets the criteria below, he/she may be eligible to participate in this research study. They must:

  • Be 6 to 17 years of age
  • Be capable of and willing to swallow pills
  • Suffer from constipation

What are the Common Signs and Symptoms of Pediatric Constipation?

If your child is showing the following signs and symptoms, he/she may have pediatric constipation:

  • Not pooping very often (less than 3 times per week)
  • Hard or lumpy stool during bowel movements
  • Pain when pooping or trying to poop
  • Having belly pain
  • Not wanting to poop because it hurts

If qualified, your child will recieve all study medication at no cost to you.